Our mission is to serve, inspire and contribute to society.

Albinna’s mission stems from a dream that we can all lead healthy and fulfilled lives by leading healthy lifestyles, eating well, and caring for our planet. Albinna aims to fulfill its mission by bringing you researched and simplified information on food, lifestyle, and sustainable living with simple, practical tips to make our lives better, plus much more.

As we believe in learning and thriving together, we aim to inspire our communities to lead better lifestyles through knowledge and experience sharing.

The name Albinna?

The name “Albinna” symbolises a bee.  The name Albinna is derived from the Romanian name for a bee (spelled albină). The bee symbolises one of our core beliefs, the power of community.

Our story?

I am a Chartered Scientist specializing in food.  Food and wellbeing are great passions of mine and have been for many years.  Science shows that food plays an important role in our well-being.

Sustainability is a topic close to my heart. Living sustainably has a pivotal role in maintaining our way of life and that of future generations.
“I launched Albinna on the firm belief that through knowledge sharing, we can all create a ripple of inspiration within our community and also pass it on to younger and future generations. At Albinna, our vision is to create a global community that shares our vision of thriving together and who share our belief that we must do our best to leave the world a better place than we found it. We will share our knowledge and our views through our articles and podcasts.”


Purity Hrisca CSci